Sakai fish market with a large line at midnight opening time tempura

Great roll
(Sakai Fish Market 2-4-28 Eishihashi-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka)

Daikichi opened in 1978 (Showa 53) in the Sakai fish market located in the place which left the south exit of the Sakai station on the Nankai main line and advanced 2 – 3 minutes towards the right side of the sea

The fish market is open from the early morning, but Osaka people who dislike the queue at midnight here have shops that make long rows of rows

Beyond that …

Because it is late night, is Deer ramen? Or a sweet dessert?

No I am far behind the large queue of fish market in the midnight is the exquisite tempura centering on fresh seafood!

Business hours are from 0:00 am to 9:30 am in the morning and it is a store opening at midnight at 0 o’clock so we can eat nationwide “Wandering travelers” But it’s not as memorable as to be coming out (surprised)

And the sight of the large queue at midnight continues until the morning when the weekend comes

When I first visited here, it was around 1:30 in the midnight, but when I finished eating after about an hour, my memory which was past 3 o’clock is revived

Learning from the last reflection and this time when I visit at about 4:30 on weekdays · dawn, I can sit down with zero waiting time without queue and shoot a movie and eat slowly like a dream at a large queue store It was

When talking to the store person, “This time zone is the aim of yourself!” “That’s right! It’s quite a while till a while ago and you will get more in the morning!”

In other words, the strategy of Osaka’s biggest queue is like aiming at the time zone “around 3:30 pm on weekdays to around 5 o’clock”!

Assorted tempura (7 items) 1000 yen
Miso soup with clams 350 yen
Shinsei small 100 yen

Daikichi’s tempura’s stuff is a single item such as vegetables and fish and shellfish from 100 yen, most of the neta is 100 yen · 150 yen · 200 yen and cost performance is also high

There is a tempura assortment outside the single item

· 1000 yen course (7 items)
· 2000 yen course (15 items)
· 3000 yen course (23 items)
· Group course

There are more than 4 types and it is more profitable than ordering separately, so if you order a course and it is not enough it is recommended to order additional stories from the course or not on the course!

By the way, we do not have rice and special miso soup of rice, so we will order along with the course

I ordered a 1000 yen course as usual to see the inside of the store

Because I am crowded all the time, I have never seen the tempura frying scenery, but this time I sat at the left back of the counter so I was able to enjoy it live

As it matches the fried tempura, rice, clam clam miso soup and Tappuri taro sauce with Terappi radish were delivered and a Tempura assortment arrived at the same time!

It is a surprising CP with 1,000 yen with this volume large enough for ingredients such as fish and shellfish indispensable to tempura, fish and shellfish such as kiss and peppers and asparagus and tempura of my favorite bamboo ring!

At first, I will get it from a white kiss

There is only a knee in the fish market The freshness of the material is fluffy with fluffy as usual and is not it delicious!

Daikichi is a little sweet Tsuyu is characterized by a lot of unlikely radish grass is contained, so it is also nice to have a surprisingly big assortment of tempura

And when you come here almost everyone order miso soup of the specialty of Daikichi asari

This is also called miso soup A large amount of clams are contained as much as not to be beaten steamed sake

From here you can see the true value of Daikichi

When you finish eating large bamboo clams, the shells are not placed beside assorted shells or tempura’s bowls but you just cast them onto the floor as they are

No matter how lovely lady she or she is not provided with a celebrity lady, Poipoipoi! It is a tacit rule of Daikichi that throws it to the floor like Ayaman Japan often with a tempo (lol)

It is somewhat fun like this attraction as amusement park attractions ♫

Why did you throw shells on the floor?

The space of the shop is narrow, and the clams are so delicious so there was no place to put the shell in …

The feeling of opening to throw away its shells became popular on the contrary and it was picked up in the mass media and applauded popularity

It goes without saying that not only is it fun but also delicious of this miso soup of clams

Lastly, leave a little rice and put the tempura and Daikonroroshi makes a tappuri tin noodle to complete the original mini-bowl

And I regret that once I got it all in one bite
Eat well!

Concluding …

At the beginning I explained the access from the nearest station, but the open time is at midnight midnight so when considering the queue and its waiting time, people outside the local are realistic to visit by car

If going out of Osaka city by a couple of people going by train I do not know the options of a taxi on the way home.

While clamoring the taste, the throwing away of the clamshell clams became an attraction and the mystery of the large queue at the fish market in Sakai was solved, and the shop was left behind in a refreshing mood

It was a feast!



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