Osaka, near Sakai-eki station in Sakai Ramen shop from China attracted ramen shop Chinese noodles Mutahiro

Here, at the southern alley of Sakai Higashi Ginza shopping district,
A ramen shop made this year (Heisei 28 years).

中華そばムタヒロ 堺東店

The head office is located in Kokubunji city, Tokyo,
It is said that the first store in Osaka is Fukushima, this is Osaka No. 2 store.

The other day,
I went there about a month after opening.
Actually, I went to lunch together with a bride and a bride before this time, I am eating massoba,
The ramen I was eating at the bride also seemed delicious so I went back again!

When entering the store it seemed there was an L-shaped counter seat on the right hand side and a table seat in the back.
There was a ticket vending machine immediately on the left side of the entrance, so I will buy a ticket.

The menu is
Gahaha chicken soba
Wahaha Niba Soba
It seems to start with 3 kinds of.
A seal called “COMING SOON” was stretched above the button of the fisher’s noodle.

I wondered whether it was Gahaha or Wahaha. . .
I clicked on a button near the gaaha chicken.

When I arrived, I was asked if it was soy sauce or salt, so I asked for soy sauce!

It is the appearance of chicken soba.
I will get you a bite.

Really delicious!

It was my favorite soup with a solid chicken taste.
The taste of soy sauce showed its presence in a good sense.

Noodle is a narrow straight noodle.
The ingredients are pig chashu and chicken barbecued (steamed chicken?),
Also, Hotome Menma, White Onion, Mitsuba was on.
A chicken minch floated above the soup.

Since I grated grated ginger on a separate dish, I threw it in the middle.
I felt a different taste (with a feeling that I felt), it was delicious.

this is,
I definitely wanted to eat other noodles too!
Next time is Wahaha Kana www

Thank you for the meal.

Street address

[Monday – Friday]
11: 30-15: 00 18: 00-23: 00
11: 30-15: 00 18: 00-21: 00



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